About the Client

CyberScout is a leading provider of identity protection services, products, and consulting. Primarily a B2B company, CyberScout works with the leading financial services companies, insurance giants, and employer organization in the US and worldwide. The next step for CyberScout is providing tools for the end-user, to make managing identity safety easier and more streamlined. That's where this project comes in. 




  • UX Design
  • Interface Design
  • API Development
  • Vue.js



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The Need

The identity protection space is a highly competiive market that requires actors to set themselves. CyberScout (CS) has been doing that since inception with expertt insdutry experience, best-in-class customer service and resolution centers, as well as innivative products and services. 

The product managers at CS came to our team with a challenge to solve the problem of disperate product and solution availability for the masses. End-users would be presented with a self-service portal, including checkout and payment for one-off ans subscrfiption payments, all tied to one-click access to the resulution centers. The solution should be abale to be white-labeled and/or co-branded based on the delivery channels and traditional B2B sales model that CS employes. 

The Solution

Enter, CyberScout HQ, a one-of-a-kind marketplace platform to manage everything related to your identity protection. Built on Vue.js, it provides the end-user with a modern, convenient, and fluid experience to manage any products they already have, or add more services and products to their portfolio.

Both internal and third-party products are made availble to the end-user, including Password Managers, CyberScout's FraudScout, Truman Grade browser extension, and much more. The checkout process is integrated with a secure payment processing engine for a quick and painless experience. In addition, alerts are provided for credit updates, product and service expirations/renewals, and industry news.   

The Result

Users are accustomed to a mobile app store-like experience, whether they are iPhone users or Android fanatics. The experience with HQ was built with that in mind. The Vue.js user interface provides a smooth, no-refresh experience making the result feel more like a native application than a browser-based solution. 

Now users have direct access to a plethora of solutions and add-ons in one place. This reduces direct calls to the resolution center, provides uend-users with a sesne of ownership and provides a way for CyberScout to promote its own products as well as third-party vendors looking for an outlet and sales platform. 

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