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Lazard is one of the worlds oldest leading financial advisory and asset management firms, that advises on mergers, acquisitions, restructuring, capital structure and strategy. Founded back in the 1840's, the firm has grown to managing $186 billion with offices all over the world in 27 different cities. One of it's largest offices is at the world renowned Rockefeller Plaza in New York city, which is where Scandia meets with Lazard on a regular basis. There's a certain charm to overlooking Central Park from the 67th floor while having an in-depth meeting about usability and personas :)


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The Need

Lazard found it's way to Scandia back in 2014 when it had engaged another agency to build it's new corporate website for Lazard.com on the Umbraco platform. As it turns out, there were several issues with the way the site was implemented that caused performance issues and many other concerns. In addition, Lazard was acutely focused on security and core infrastructure concerns for the go-live of the new website. 

Scandia's consultants were onsite over a period of weeks to orchestrate the fixes of the platform and the configuration and deployment of the live site. Lazard needed us to integrate seamlessly with their information technology department and external vendors, like Ernst & Young. 

The Solution

For the first, of many, projects that Scandia was brought onboard for, we immediately went to work to migrate the new Umbraco site to a clean installation of the open source platform. The original implementation was done on a modified/branded version of Umbraco. This caused several issues with performance as well as upgrade paths down the road for Lazard. Starting with a fresh install allowed us to refactor a number of features to a more standard approach based on best practices with both Umbraco and the .Net framework. 

Once that was completed, our engineers started work on the infrastructure requirements, which included high availability and disaster recovery to ensure business continuity for this global organization. 

In addition to the early projects, Scandia was engaged for the more recent redesign of Lazard.com and the Lazard Asset Management group's website, including transactions and other pertinent investor materials. Today, we continue to support the organization via our maintenance retainer program as well as ongoing projects like Intranet development, third-party systems integrations and more. 

The Result

Lazard has peace of mind knowing that our project managers, engineers, and designers are on-hand for any and all requests that come up internally at this 2,500+ employee organization. Not only are we on-call to make sure that the public face of Lazard is safe and always available, but we also work closely with the internal information technology and marketing departments to ensure that they are always one step ahead of the competition, like Goldman Sachs, Bain Capital, and many others. 

From Douglas Figueredo :

We needed someone to come in and help us translate the every-day to tech, and Scandia was a clear choice among many others that we looked at.

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