Content Management System CMS Selection

Your content management system is what powers your website, enables you to control your own content, change images, run promotions and so much more. Selecting the best CMS for your needs is an important step in your website design or redesign project. Through working with you, assessing your goals and understanding what your online objectives are, we can help you in the CMS selection process.

Scandia has been a Gold Partner for 3 years and were one of the first in the US to gain this title. Did you also know that our founder "wrote the book" on this CMS?

When it comes to a commercial content management platform, Kentico is it. 

CMS Choices

There are so many CMS options available, it’s hard to decide what the best content management system is for your organization. We have helped countless clients evaluate options and narrow the field. We can help you determine selection criteria, how those should be evaluated and weighted, research options and vet vendors. We can do this as a stand-alone task, or as part of a larger web design project.

CMS Implementation

All of your web content management will be controlled in the CMS that you select. Once that choice is made, we move to the implementation phase. This is where our developers will customize the look, feel and how you manage your digital assets. Making sure your system CMS is configured optimally for your usage will help you successfully manage your website for years to come.

Let Scandia’s team of certified developers build your website in one of our partner platforms:



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