Web Application Integrations

Most websites integrate with tools and systems provided by 3rd party vendors. The trick is making the website and system integrations work as seamlessly as possible so the visitors to your site do not even notice.

Where to Integrate of Integrations

There are many different types of web app integrations and ways to incorporate them into your website. We’ve helped our clients implement many best-in-class tools to strengthen their business and enhance their website. Examples include:

  • CRM Integration (SalesForce, Velocify, etc.)
  • Online chat tools
  • Marketing automation tools (Marketo, Hubspot, etc.)
  • Online account opening
  • Applications and forms
  • Calculators and online tools

When you integrate your website and business systems, you create a win-win scenario. First, your customers can interact with your website, find everything they need within your framework, branding and UI design. Second, your internal teams can more efficiently and effectively manage campaigns and work leads as they enter the workflows.


Types of Integrations

There are numerous ways to integrate 3rd party tools into your website. From API calls, FTP protocols, iframe placements, form posts and more. Let Scandia help create the seamless experience your customers and internal teams are looking for.

Integrations are more than convenient, they can drive efficiencies in how you work. Let us help.

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