Web Strategy – Putting Goals First

When choosing a design and development partner, you need someone who will help you get the most out of your investment in your website. Scandia does that through taking a mobile first approach to our initiatives and project plans. With this mentality, we deliver responsive designs that work on every device, with a straightforward way to manage content, campaigns and digital assets after your project launches.

Planning a New Website Design, or Website Redesign

We will help you plan your new website putting your goals first. With that approach, we will tailor the project plan and the whole site to cater to those needs.

Website Planning

Our discovery and analysis process sets the stage for you to get the exact website you need and help you deliver results to your internal stakeholders faster than expected. In this planning phase, we:

  • Determine business goals and objectives
  • Audit your existing content library
  • Take baseline measurements of web traffic and conversions
  • Define your audiences
  • Plan content and conversion funnels
  • Deliver designs that will become the UI of your website.

All of these things take place before a web developer writes a single line of code. This tried and true methodology is what keeps our clients happy and delivers ROI calculations that speak for themselves.

Our website project checklists, processes, project managers, design, development and marketing teams are what brings each of our client projects to life and delivers strong results. Putting strategy first is what will make the difference in the results you get from your website.

Our industry veterans can spur a great conversation about strategy with you and your team.

Have a Project in Mind?

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