Having a mobile first and strategically designed website is step one. Adding tools, workflows and integrations to your online home is step two. Sometimes the right answer is not to build all of your online tools from scratch. There are instances where integrating with a best-in-class 3rd party B2B technology partner is the right way to enhance your digital strength.

There are several instances where partnering with another company and integrating them into your website may make more sense than custom development. Some examples may include:

  • Lead management systems
  • Online banking
  • Online account opening
  • CRMs
  • Full-form 1003 data collection (mortgage industry)
  • Dialers
  • Online tools (calculators, budget planning)
  • Marketing automation

Adding these online tools for internal operation enhancements, or as a value add to your clients and prospects can give you a competitive advantage, but where do you get started? It can be complicated, but Scandia has helped our clients navigate this landscape for years.

Vendor Selection

First is understanding what you are trying to accomplish. From that, we will work with you to develop custom evaluation criteria to use throughout the selection process. Then, we can help research, score and vet possible vendors that can fill your specific needs.

Vendor Integration

Once selected, Scandia will help integrate that vendor into your website and workflows through direct posting, APIs, plugins, iframes, or whatever the vendor calls for. Our role is to ensure optimal performance.

Have a Project in Mind?

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