Umbraco Site Upgrades & Redesigns

Do you have a site on the Umbraco CMS that needs some upgrades? Is it time for a redesign? Or, did your original Umbraco developer fall short of expectations? If so, we meet people like you all the time, and we know how to help.

Umbraco Upgrades

Umbraco itself has been busy with making improvements to the out-of-the-box CMS over the past couple of years. The latest enhancements make developing in Umbraco more straightforward and exciting than ever before. These enhancements also make it easier for you to use on a day-to-day basis. The improvements include things like:

  • The Umbraco grid, which makes laying pages out easy as 1, 2, 3
  • Enhanced forms and data collection capabilities
  • Workflows and admin right enhancements
  • Photo and video selection and placement capabilities
  • And soooo much more.

Umbraco released version 7.6.4 this summer. If you are on an older version of Umbraco, let Scandia show you how to get more out of your CMS and website as you redesign your Umbraco website. If your site needs a refresh, or if your original Umbraco partner cannot deliver what you need, give us a chance. Put our 10 years of Umbraco experience to work for you.

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