5 Tips for Working with Your Web Design & Development Firm

by Nik Wahlberg | November 3 2017

A web design and development project can be a big undertaking that requires a lot from both sides. Your firm will have a project timeline with lots of deliverables required from both sides. Here are five tips for making your project stay on time, on budget and as successful as possible.

  1. Know your business and goals. In order for the look, feel, navigation, content, and calls-to-action to be successful after launch, you should be prepared. You need to know what you are trying to achieve for your business.
    • Audience: Who are you trying to talk to and trying to reach? Knowing their attributes will play a large role in this process.
    • Products: What are your core products and services? Do you have input and feedback from your internal key stakeholders on what they want/need featured? Gathering a comprehensive list and knowing what should be featured will speed up the process.
    • Goals: What is your organization trying to achieve in the next 12, 24, 36 months? What products and services are being focused on? What are you trying to grow, or maintain? Having a clear understanding of your goals will ensure that your new project is an asset in creating success for your organization.
  2. Be prepared to collaborate. While your firm will have lots of tasks and deliverables they will complete behind the scenes, there will be tasks and items that you will have to do as well. Decisions will have to be made and to keep the process moving smoothly, you will have to make sure that you are delivering your “to dos” on time. If not, the timeline and budget could slip.
  3. Understand the scope of the project. In the beginning, there was agreement on the project. Often, things are uncovered during the design and development process that are want to haves, or must haves. Sometimes, these fit into the original project. Sometimes they are outside of the scope. Most times, accommodations can be made, but they could impact the budget, the timeline, or sometimes both.
  4. Treat the project as a partnership. When we are working with clients, we view ourselves as an extension of their internal team. Viewing your design and development team similarly can make the project go smoother. You are all working together on a large project that oftentimes has a big impact on your business. Working closely together throughout the process makes the project run smoother and sets you up for long term success with a firm.
  5. Do not overshare internally too early. Web design projects are definitely a place where you want to avoid too many cooks in the kitchen. Undoubtedly, people in the organization will be curious about what is going on. Keep most of them at bay for the “big reveal.” If you start getting feedback without context and too early in the process, it can derail your timeline and create issues. Know upfront which people internally have a say and hold to that. We promise, you’ll thank us later.

Keeping these tips in mind can help your web design and development project run smoothly and be a huge success!

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