Five Ways to Know It’s Time for a Website Redesign or Refresh

by Nik Wahlberg | September 6 2017

Deciding if it’s time to undertake a website redesign can be a challenge. For banks and financial service institutions, a new website means coordinating and managing requirements, people and resources and it can be difficult to determine when the time is right to start a web redesign project. Here are a few questions to ask yourself to help decide if it’s time to start planning for your updated website:

  1. Does your website look dated?

    First impressions matter. Your website is your digital hub and virtual home. It needs to be “dressed for success!” A 2015 Adobe study concluded that nearly 40% of users will leave a site if it looks old, or lacks visual appeal[i]. If your site lacks a modern and clean feel, you are likely losing opportunities to expand your customer base and share of wallet.
  2. Is your website built with a mobile first mentality? Is it mobile responsive?

    In 2015, Google started factoring mobile compatibility into their search engine ranking algorithm. Last November, Google took that up a notch putting mobile content as the primary ranking factor in how sites will rank on Google[ii]. Mobile has overtaken desktop in the U.S. and a full 60% of all searches and interactions now take place on phones[iii]. Another indicator of mobile issues on your site can be evaluated by looking at your mobile bounce rate in analytics. If your site has limited content on the mobile version, requires an app to be downloaded for a mobile experience, or has a unfriendly user experience on a mobile device, you ARE missing out.
  3. Is your website a powerful sales tool?

    Your website should have paths available for customers and prospects to easily find the information you are looking and calls to action to convert web visitors into customers. For our bank, credit union and mortgage company clients, there are multiple funnels we help them build. Each of your core products or services should have an optimized conversion funnel. If your current site is not built to convert, or you need to learn more about conversion optimization, it may be time to revisit your overarching web design strategy.
  4. Is managing your website challenging?

    Can you easily make updates to offers, promotions, events, content? Gone are the days where you should need a developer to make content updates on your site. The web changes fast and the ability to be nimble and relevant to allow you to put the power of digital content to work for you is a must. Sometimes, the content, pages, images and files lack organization in your CMS. If you need someone else to make page updates, or if you’ve ever found yourself thinking that it might be easier to start over as you try to make what you have work, it might be time to put some strategic planning into a content migration to a new Content Management System.
  5. Have you updated your sales objectives, goals or marketing plan?

    Did you have to present to the board? Have you set 12, 24 or 36-month growth and sales objectives? Have your target customers shifted? For example, last year at this time our clients trying to generate rate and term refinances. This year, goals have shifted to needing more purchase and cash out loans. If your targets, or marketing strategy have or will shift, it is time to take at your website. In order to achieve your goals and find success, your site could need a new strategy for the site structure, SEO targets, layout, features and more. Let your online home help you generate more opportunities for you.


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