How Appending Data Can Give You A Competitive Advantage

by Nik Wahlberg | November 27 2017

We have worked on a number of projects that involve appending data. There are a variety of ways where data appends can create efficiencies and wins in your systems and processes.

First, what is a data append? Broadly speaking, it is when you take a set of data that you have and use other data to validate what you have and/or fill in gaps. For example, if you purchase a lead or one comes in through your website, there are a variety of ways you can check the accuracy of that lead’s information and potentially find other details about the record.

Second, what kinds of data appends can be done? The short answer: lots. You can take a new record and bounce it against your existing database to see if this is a new inquiry, or a repeat. If it’s a repeat, how recent was the original inquiry? Which representative has the relationship with the client? You can also use 3rd party services to check:

  • Phone number validity
  • Other known phone numbers
  • Email address validity
  • Length at physical address
  • Rent or own
  • Potential credit worthiness (without a credit pull)
  • Length of time taken to complete a form
  • Number of times others have also audited this leadv
  • Etc, etc.

There other services and ways to add to your data. With most CRM’s and lead management systems, you can then merge the data into one record.

Third, what do you do with the appended data? The options are limitless. There are a few ways the Scandia team has helped clients leverage this kind of data. We have built a system to integrate with different data append services and manage workflows. If the data “fails” along the way, they have the ability to do no more checks and appends and send the lead to their system. We have helped clients custom-create distribution rules based on what is known about the lead and therefore who should receive it. We have also done data analysis to create custom lead scoring models that will take the data, score it based on what is known about the lead. Rules are created based on the score and a variety of paths are developed. This creates efficiencies in terms of speed-to-lead and with your sales resources.

For our clients, these systems have enabled them to get more out of each lead while increasing the satisfaction of their sales staff. Consider adding this into your mix to get the most out of your marketing investment and sales teams.

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