Marketing to Millennials – Enough Talk, Let’s Go.

by Nik Wahlberg | August 30 2017

Conference after conference, year after year there is discussion after discussion about how to market to millennials. Sessions like, “Captivating Millennials,” and “Millennial Marketing: It takes 1 to know 1.” There are now entire conferences centered around marketing to millennials. There are discussions in forums and board rooms asking, “what is our millennial marketing strategy?” There is so much discussion around HOW to talk to “them” that sometimes, who “they” are is lost. When asked, the majority of people describe the millennial targets in a way that is inconsistent with who that audience actually is:

The takeaway is simple: stop planning for and talking about reaching millennials. We have met dozens of people who have paused doing and implementing strategies as they work through how to reach the coveted millennials. There is no magic plan, app, video, social media outreach, etc. for drawing millennials in. The trick is understanding that they value time, money, family, friends, convenience and simplicity. Who doesn’t? Offer, appeal to and understand those things and act accordingly. In the meantime, you’re missing out on reaching millennials and people in general.  

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