The Field of Dreams: How to Successfully Launch a New Website or App

by Nik Wahlberg | October 2 2017

There is lots of data and information about how your business can grow after redesigning and reconfiguring your website, or building a custom app for your customers to use. The part that is too often overlooked in those articles and conversations is the fact that your new project is NOT the field of dreams. Just because you built it does not mean that suddenly new customers will flock to your website, or install the app.

Did you get the results you expected from your last website redesign? Are you considering a site refresh or a new app? While there is no doubt these projects can in fact drive new business and strengthen existing relationships, a launch plan is critical to getting the results you are banking on. In addition to the planning and attention to detail you’re putting into your project, here are some ways you can get the most out of your new online property:

  • Announce the coming changes to your existing customers well in advance. This is particularly important in the FI space. With concerns about data security, letting your existing customers know that a new look is coming is critical. Email announcements, banner on the existing site, a mailer and a page dedicated to highlight the upcoming changes are all effective ways to minimize the number of calls you will receive from customers once the new site goes live. Include examples of what the new site or app will look like and people will feel more comfortable once it goes live.
  • Promote your new project socially. Getting a new site or app live is exciting! It’s time to celebrate and share your new project with everyone. This is a great time to do a promoted post in Facebook, or Instagram if you have followers. Target those who like you and those who are in your area. Highlight what’s new and what your customers will find most useful. Include pictures to increase attention and engagement.
  • Advertise and drive traffic to your new site. Most projects are built to overcome a deficiency in a previous site, or to increase the ability to drive business online. Was your site built to increase mortgage customers? Increase deposits? Drive insurance inquiries? Whatever it was, now is the time to promote that service. Before you know it, questions will start coming in from the top asking what the new project is doing for business. The best way to showcase success is to invest in driving traffic to it. Pay-per-click ads, rate tables or targeted banner ads are all good ways to help jumpstart results.
  • Bonus: Build the project with optimization in mind. This is something we incorporate in projects from the very beginning. You should be sure that there are clear conversion paths, calls to action, on-page optimization and app store description optimization to name a few things. Be sure to take baseline measurements on web analytics and downloads so you know where you started so you can showcase success when you get there.

You can get all the results you anticipated, projected or hoped for. It just takes some planning and push to launching your new project can drive traffic, downloads and measurable success.

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