Tis’ the Season for the Email. Pro tip: Don’t be Noise

by Nik Wahlberg | November 30 2017

So, I am one of "those" people who can't stand having alerts on my phone that are unaddressed. It is a constant reminder that I have something I need to do that is undone. That is not a good feeling for a restful holiday weekend. Knowing this, I was sure to make sure all my emails were cleaned up before the Thanksgiving break. Like many, I did not send a lot of time looking at email over the weekend. Monday morning was an anxiety producing moment.

How on Earth did I go from no unopened emails to 381 in four days? Easy – every business who has my email address sent me emails for the end of the year rush. You might think I over-subscribe to emails. Great thought, but I keep a spam email address for that, and it does not sync to my phone. The number of emails that are sent from the week of Thanksgiving through the end of the is significantly higher than normal. As a digital marketing professional who has and does work with clients to send holiday emails, there are a few tips and considerations to take to avoid becoming noise and deleted in a mass cleanup.

First, Be relevant. In order to be heard from now through 12/31, you must have something of value to say. Do you have a sale or an offer that could make the difference to the prospect who is receiving your email? If so, great. Craft and send that email so the value shines through from the subject line and all the way through the message. If there is not anything impactful, timely, or relevant to say, consider not sending that email at this time of year.

Second, Personalize your emails. Instead of taking a generic approach to sending out holiday emails, make them matter to the client or prospect. You can customize offers to make them more relevant. You can add authentic notes to the body, or an actual signature to the closing of the email. These little things matter and will resonate well with your audience, increasing your overall email effectiveness.

Third: Do not add to the inbox clutter. If you are working on an email blast for the end of the year, you should not do so because you always have. Sending a generic and obligatory "Happy Holidays" does not add the value of the recipient's day and is likely to be discarded like the fruitcake you receive every year from you-know-who. As a business, be relevant and be thoughtful. Sometimes, that means leaving your email list alone.

With cell phones, there is no doubt that there is a resurgence and increase in the effectiveness of email marketing. The wins come through sending the right message, to the right person, at the right time. In the holiday season, that might mean less sends to avoid getting lost in the sea of email most people receive this time of year.

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