Umbraco 8 and why it's a game changer

by Nik Wahlberg | May 13 2019

There is a reason why we're seeing and hearing so much buzz about Umbraco 8 on social, at conferences, and among agencies these days. The team at Umbraco HQ and the super strong Umbraco community have released what can easily be described as the best version of Umbraco, yet. 

Among the many reasons we are so excited about this release, and why we think our clients will benefit in the long term, are:

A Focus on Content

Content really and truly, still is king in the world of digital marketing and reaching new audiences. To that end, one of the features with most potential for growth, is "Variants." Out of the box, this feature allows users to handle languages in a side-by-side format that is unlike any other content management solution out there. To give you an idea what it looks like, here's an example: 

But! The fact of the matter is, this variants engine can do even more. We see this feature being utilized for content personalization which will be a game changer for this open source CMS. 

Content Apps

For years, Scandia has been producing custom app solutions for our Umbraco implementations. For example, a lead management/capture and scrubbing product called that allows mortgage companies and other loan originators to capture, validate, and pass leads to their CRM of choice (Velocify, SalesForce, and others). This typically requires a new custom section in the Umbraco back-office, forcing the user to navigate away from the main objective of managing content. With Content Apps, we can seamlessly integrate this type of functionality within the context of the current page, section, or other attributes, while allowing the editor to remain in the same place. 

There have already been some cool content app ideas from the Umbraco community, including this one from Paul and Nik

So, you can see probably image at least five ways your current content process might be streamlined by creating, or using existing apps, within the Umbraco back-office. 

Infinite Editing

For anyone that has worked with ANY content management platform, including Umbraco 7.x, you will be familiar with the need to jump around in the back-office whenever you want to manage settings, setup new content structure, change the way a field saves content, etc. Jump no more! Umbraco 8 introduces the concept of Infinite Editing. I know, it sounds like a couple of strung-together buzz-words that, at the end of the day, don't really mean anything. In this case they actaully do. Now you can be in the middle of editing a page in your website and actually be able to do just about anything while remaining in the context of that page! Say you want to add a new image to your page, simply insert the image, crop it, scale it, set the "Alt" text, edit the properties of the image, and insert it. That used to be a 3-4 step process now rolled-up into one. Brilliant!

Here's an example video of infinite editing in action. 


In summary, these specific features, and of course a lot more, are good reasons to take a look at Umbraco 8. Whether you are on WordPress, Drupal, Sitecore, Epi, or Umbraco (earlier versions), contact Scandia to have us  review your implementation and we'll make recommendations on how to get you to Umbraco 8. Our certified engineers have the experience and skill to migrate your current site, no matter what content management platform you may be on today. Or, get started by downloading Umbraco 8 for free and see for yourself, and then call on us. 


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