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CyberScout CSE

CyberScout is a leading provider of identity protection services, products, and consulting. Primarily a B2B company, CyberScout works with the leading financial services companies, insurance giants, and employer organization in the US and worldwide.

CyberScout CSE Main Screenshot
  • UX
  • Interface Design
  • API Development
  • Android OS
  • Apple iOS

The Need

CyberScout services a wide range of clients through many affiliations with their direct clients, such as insurance companies. Part of that customer base consists of high-earning, and as a result, high-risk end-clients that have high demands on the services they purchase or are gifted.

So, CyberScout decided it was time to put out native mobile apps to provide all of their key services on the go.

The Solution

Our teams dove right in to determine how what the best approach was to make this a reality for our client. In-depth analysis and planning sessions were held. We discussed options like HTML vs hybrid (Ionic and PhoneGap) vs native (iOS and Android). Ultimately, for security, and use of native features on each device, we settled on native development.

The app focuses on delivering alerts, credit score from all three major bureaus, change of address monitoring, and all other key indicators that would suggest an issue is at plan. With a one-click action to connect with CyberScout's award-winning customer service, the users are safe, even when they are on the road.

The project was kicked off on the iOS platform for proof of concept. As soon as we had momentum, the parallel Android team was added and the apps were both release on the iTunes and Google Play stores at the same time.

The Result

The apps are now available on both the iTunes store and the Google Play store. Users who have the CyberScout Elite status can now enjoy a bundling of services, including FraudScout, LifeStages, and many other features.

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