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Mutual Of Omaha

Mutual Of Omaha is a well established brand in banking and insurance. To launch and expand their mortgage business, they came to Scandia with the challenge of implementing a lead generating Web property that would educate and convert mortgage leads. Our team built a custom integration that processes more than 30,000 leads per month from a variety of lead sources, including LendingTree, LowerMyBills, and many more. 

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  • Umbraco
  • Web Design
  • ADA Compliance
  • Lead Management
  • Integrations
  • Hosting

The Need

While tracking and attributing leads to digital is easier than any other medium, there are traditionally some gaps. For example, when a prospect comes to the site through an online ad knowing what landing page they started on is the easy part. If they fill out the form, or complete the call to action there, great. BUT, what happens when they want to learn more, navigate around the site, and submit on a different page? This challenge is not unique to Mutual Of Omaha Mortgage. Sometimes, companies opt to lock campaign pages down to prevent navigation. Others implement a streamlined secondary set of pages to navigate through. Most just accept that there are gaps and that happens. Mutual Of Omaha Mortgage tasked us with closing that gap without implementing one of the less desirable alternatives mentioned above.

The Solution

We developed a persistent session tracking system inside their Umbraco CMS. This means that regardless of where the prospect ended up submitting the form it tracks back to the original campaign and page. For Mutual Of Omaha Mortgage, this opens a lot of possibilities. They can encourage people to “learn more” by exploring the site, or to talk to a banker by going ahead and submitting a form or starting a chat session. They know that additional time on site and page views before the form is filled out increases the likeliness for conversion from a prospect into a customer. Now, they have the ability to allow people to move around the site. When a form is submitted, they now know which campaign initially drove the lead AND which page the lead came in through. Closing this gap for them helps them make data-driven decisions on their marketing dollar investments.

The Result

Mutual Of Omaha Mortgage saw great results, quickly. Overall, mobile bounce rate is down 75%. In May, 2017 alone, 1,072 keywords improved in rank. That includes being indexed for 342 keywords they’ve never ranked for before. Before the redesign, zero of their top 10 landing pages were VA mortgage related. Six months after the redesign, 4 of the top 10 were VA conversion pages. Plus, because of the early launch of the Sweepstakes pages, they were able to successfully run their most entered Sweepstakes ever where they generated more than 38,000 leads in two months.

The intelligence gathered from this project will not only pay for the investment, but creates other opportunities for Mutual Of Omaha Mortgage. It enables them to launch and test new styles of landing pages and different calls to action. It also allows them to streamline forms since more data is being passed with the individual lead, leaving them needing less individual tracking forms. Most importantly, their robust monthly reporting gets stronger. They track and trend data month-over-month and year-over-year. The data behind their web leads now becomes more meaningful than ever before.

BBMC is delighted with their new site, the endless possibilities and flexibility Umbraco gives them. “This site is spot on what we needed to continue to grow,” said Senior Vice President Brian Surgener. “Scandia hit the ball out of the park for us with the redesign and all of the enhancements we’ve asked them to make since the relaunch. We’ve even been able to eliminate costly third-party systems to funnel and scrub our leads. A true win-win.”

- SVP of Strategy

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