We may be spread out across the world, but our team is as efficient as if we were all sitting in the same room, in the same city, on the same continent. Working remotely is nothing new to us, we've been doing this since 2008 and have figured out how to take advantage of a team that is spread out over multiple timezones!


When you partner with Scandia, you are getting the best of every facet of the project lifecycle. Many agencies talk about treating client projects as if they were their own. Well, we truly do, and the proof is in the deliverables and the countless clients that happily offer to be a reference for us.

Behind every project, large or small, you will find this excellence in each role. Be it designers, business analysts and subject matter experts, developers, infrastructure engineers, or our dedicated client account staff. We will take care of you and your business. Period.

UX Designers

Our analysts, UX engineers, and designers will immerse themselves in your business to completely and fully understand the details of you and your customers needs. All solutions are designed from the ground up starting with wireframes, prototpes, and finally hi-def designs tested for all devices, with a mobile-first approach at the core.

UI Engineers

The experience that is designed in step one is only as impactful as the build quality with which it is developed. Our teams work in concert throughout this stage to ensure that the intended experience is implemented using subtle transitions, adaptive and responsive content flow, device compatibility and of course performance of the interface.

Umbraco developers

We ARE the original Umbraco agency in the US (not to say that we don't have clients all over the globe). Our dedication to this platform has earned us MVP awards and nominations going all the way back to 2009! Oh, and one the original Gold Partners in the USA of course. Check out more on our Umbraco overview.

Infrastructure + Security

When it comes to actually delivering the solutions that we build, our DevOps and infrastructure team is second to none. We're a premier AWS partner and Microsoft Azure certified. That means you will always be on a performant and secure cloud implementation that scales to your needs. We ensure compliance with your industry needs, whether HIPAA, PCI, or SOC is a requirement.


We take pride in being experts in what we do. This means wholly embracing the business of our clients to ensure that what we are designing and developing is a solution for the long-term and one that can make our client's business better and provide more opportunities. We believe in return on investment as a key KPI. Just ask one of our clients.

Product Managers

One of our many strengths is the ability to augment your team. We supply senior business analysts and designers as product managers to help you develop your Software as a Service platform and deliver to your customers.