Scandia is an Umbraco Gold Partner

Yup. One of the first ones in the US, in fact. We support this open source platform for the simple reason that it makes life easier for our clients. Simple as that...

We Umbraco.

We love Umbraco for a whole bunch of reasons, and it turns out Umbraco sort of love us too! Scandia's was awarded Most Valuable Person (we like to think 'Team') for all the work we've done over the years to organize and run the annual Umbraco conference in North America (5 years to be exact). We're heavily invested in this platform because it makes our clients' business better. Pure and simple.

Leveraging Umbraco for your next marketing and technology initiative would put you in good company with some major brands (see below).

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Scandia Umbraco MVP Award

Editor-First Experience

We truly believe that the users of the platform we build are the key stakeholders of any project. As such, we spend a lot of energy on crafting the editor experience and customizing the tools your need to stay agile as a marketer.


Intuitive Editing

Umbraco really does provide the end-user of the CMS with a streamlined and easy to user interface. From managing simple content, to editing and cropping images with a few clicks, there's little that you can't do in the backoffice.

Umbraco Backoffice interface

Customized For You

Content tools and widgets are specifically created for each project. Scandia has developed a logical organization tool to extend the Umbraco backoffice that allows editors to easily locate what they need.

Content widget groups

Content Building Blocks

We'll work very closely with the key stakeholders of your project to ensure that we have content widgets that align with your custom design and information architecture. What's more? Your editors can easily preview each widget before selecting it.

Custom design preview widgets in Umbraco for content creation

Style Your Components

We will make sure your style guide and brand is taken care of by providing your specific colors, styles, and consistent user interface components as you are creating your content. No more guessing at CSS class names or using "similar" colors/textures to represent your content.

Row settings and styles in Umbraco


What's a platform without powerful integrations to the rest of your digital ecosystem. We think of the website as the hub to all of your other initiatives, whether that is social media, print, TV/Ads, and more.

Scandia's digital hub graphic

Partner Integrations

We have a track record with many providers, whether it is Customer Relationship Management (CRMs like Velocify and SalesForce), marketing automation, rate systems, ATM/location providers, and more. If you have an external data source or provider that you want to push data to, chances are we can integrate with them (as long as there is an API end-point).

Scandia's integration partners

Hosting & Uptime

A well developed and implemented Umbraco site will be a reliable, performant, and secure solution for your Web needs. At Scandia we take all of these attributes very seriously. As a result, we've truly figured out how to design the infrastructure to support your business-critical Web application on Umbraco.

Amazon AWS

We are a preferred AWS partner and have deployed over 100+ large and smaller scale solutions on AWS. Whether you have disaster recovery and high availability requirements, PCI compliance, or even SOC II regulatory needs, we've done them all.

In addition to these concepts, we are always concerned with performance and end-user experience. Part of that is optimizing the hosting environment to serve the target audience. Some of our global solutions require services like CloudFront to ensure latency-mitigated content delivery. That's all to say, your site should be as fast on the West Coast in the US as it is in Germany (if you have an audience there).

Umbraco Cloud

Scandia has deployed numerous sites on Umbraco Cloud. In a world where the complexities of content creation and deployment are a daily chore, Umbraco Cloud truly shines. With Umbraco Deploy - a component of Umbraco Cloud - you can trust the service to take care of promoting content and website updates seamlessly. All without the hassle of dealing with content versions from your staging and production sites.

Microsoft Azure

If you are a Microsoft-based organization, chances are you might already be leveraging Azure for other services (like Active Directory, for example). Scandia has the experience needed for both Paas and IaaS implementations.

Umbraco Services

We will work with you in any capacity. Whether you need a full redesign, maintaining an existing Umbraco site, or you need expert hosting solutions.

Umbraco Development

We build custom Umbraco solutions from the ground up. If you are redesigning, or in the process of building a brand new Web property, let us help you craft the solution.

Maintenance & Upgrades

Scandia has a long track record of maintaining the solutions that we build. That's what makes us a long-term partner setting us apart from most Web agencies. We also take on a lot of projects that have been built by others. Sometimes to fix poorly designed solutions.


If you are thinking about migrating your current website to Umbraco, look no further. Our engineers have experience with some of the most popular content management platforms out there. Including WordPress, Drupal, EpiServer, Sitecore, and many others.


One of the many things we pride ourselves on is our in-house infrastructure expertise. We have built fully compliant banking systems on cloud solutions to smaller high-availability deployments. We're an AWS and Azure partner and focus on secure, automated deployment systems.

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Case Studies

Here are a few of our projects built on Umbraco. See more of Scandia's work here.