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Technogel is a manufacturer founded on making life healthier and happier for it's consumers. Started in the 90's with a solution to an array of medical instruments and apparatus, today the company serves anything from wheelchair applications to providing a better night's sleep. The innovations that come out of these labs is astounding and never seems to stop. The Gel has been used by brands like Alfa Romeo, Harry's of London, and many other big names in industry.

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  • Umbraco
  • E-Commerce
  • TeaCommerce
  • Integrations

The Need

Back in 2014 Technogel were shopping for a new long-term partner agency to help make this brand the global presence it is today. The marketing team in the USA needed to be able to depend on us to execute projects here, but also for it's affiliates globally in countries like Germany, Italy (head quarters), Argentina, and many others. We were tasked with collaborating with these individual stakeholders and their markets, to ensure that each go-live was smooth and specific to the region.

After the initial redesign and overhaul, in collaboration with a long-standing design agency in London, Technogel needed to start thinking about how to approach eCommerce for their consumer product lines. Scandia began the arduous task of evaluating existing platforms, as well as scoping out a completely custom implementation. Not only should the solution make sense for the United States market, but also for future expansion into other regions of the world, when the time is right.

The Solution

Redesign and globalization: Umbraco was the right choice for Technogel's needs and Scandia set out to construct a multi-locale/multi-lingual implementation for the marketing team. Our developers built the responsive template framework to support variations based on location and to ensure that the UI was easy to construct for the editors in the back office. In addition, our Umbraco engineers built out features such as being able to manage store locations for retail, future proofing product pages for eCommerce, and making sure that content was setup to be reusable to reduce rework for additional sites down the road.

We also built out a system to support micro-sites for specific stores and retail locations, like showrooms and major retail outlets. One example is the Berlin experience center,

Building leads is key to any online retailer, and a bog focus on integrations with the right CRM was in play as well. Scandia and Technogel collaborated on researching a solution that eventually lead to an ActiveCampaign integration to facilitate marketing automation, lead tracking, and analytics.

eCommerce Implementation: Needing a solution that would integrate natively with Umbraco was key. We ultimately chose TeaCommerce for this project which has been a great way for us to get the basic functionality of a store-front, with the ability to extend and enhance to fit the specific needs of the project.

The Result

Today, Technogel has a blueprint for launching new locations for both retail and eCommerce. There are dozens of content contributors working on the various global sites with varying permissions and access. This has decentralized the responsibility of keeping up with local markets, allowing the core marketing team of the company to truly focus on the brand, messaging, and growth of all channels. 

The integration with systems like ActiveCampaign, SAP, Shipwire, and Stripe, has made this project a great success now and in the future. 

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