Get to know us before you work with us. This way you can be sure you are working with a team that fits your team and requirements. After all, engaging with an agency is a long-term relationship that needs to work.

We are the only agency building Umbraco websites for marketing professionals in the financial industry. We chose to focus on this because of history in the online account opening space dating all the way back to 2001 when our founder was one of the original engineers on the first online account opening platform, oFlows. Our project results tend to speak for themselves, so feel free to check out a partial list of Scandia's case studies.

15 Things About Us

  1. Have team members across the globe - working 24/7
  2. 5-years of organizing of the annual North American Umbraco conference, Umbraco US Festival
  3. Partner at the Privacy XChange Forum
  4. ABA Conference attendee (3 years)
  5. Speakers at Umbraco US Festival and Umbraco Codegarden
  6. Dedicated IT Resources and infrastructure engineers (AWS Partner)
  7. The entire team is Level 1 and/or 2 Certified in Umbraco
  8. Our founder wrote the only published book on the Umbraco platform
  9. We have  full service design team
  10. We have a full service metrics team & platform for gathering data & running A/B Tests
  11. We have Diverse team with 4 nationalities
  12. Tech 10 Awards 2015
  13. IAC Award, Aristotle Article on this Award
  14. Our roots are in Sweden, so think clean, functional, and modern
  15. We service clients all over the world, at least one on each continent

Professional & Community Outreach

An important component to leading a successful business in the web industry is connection to fellow designers and developers.  We love Umbraco because of the company’s commitment to be the friendliest CMS on the planet - a tagline that is more than just talk.  Umbraco’s community is thriving across the globe with annual conferences like Codegarden, Umbraco US Festival and the Umbraco UK Festival, where developers, designers, project managers and clients come together to build relationships and knowledge.   

Scandia started and has hosted the only North American Umbraco Conference called Umbraco US Festival, where hundreds of “Umbracians” gather each year to celebrate, learn and foster the friendliest network of talented developers anywhere.  Although it is lot of work outside our normal day to day, we are proud to have been the owners of this conference for 5 years and doing our part to bring about Umbraco’s mission.

We invite all our clients to attend Umbraco US Festival as a way to connect and learn modern best practices for using the software.


The first step to becoming a Scandia employee is to enroll in an Umbraco Masterclass.  We believe every role needs to have a solid understanding of the CMS so everyone contributes to the quality of our projects.  We only build sites in Umbraco so our developers have time and energy to become the best in the industry without having to dilute their skills learning alternative CMS technology.  Our mobile app team, security consultants, metrics team, IT gurus and designers are highly focused on continual learning of their trade via professional conferences, webinars and in-person trainings.  On small teams like ours, everyone has crossover into other fields, so our clients get the benefit of having experts that can intelligently discuss all parts of the project.

We are looking forward to attending and sponsoring the Privacy XChange Forum in October 2016.  The conference covers practical, actionable steps to secure organizational, employee and customer data from cyber threats.  We are committed to be on the forefront of today’s best practices for privacy and security for the multitude of clients we serve in the financial, banking and insurance industries.   The Privacy XChange Conference is a win-win for us because we get access to the best security intel in the world amongst a community of potential clientele looking to build safe & secure marketing websites.  

Recent Awards & Articles

Scandia’s owner Nik Wahlberg was awarded Providence’s top ten IT professionals in 2015 by the Rhode Island Monthly and Tech Collective.  He was among professional mentors, business leaders and artists as an exceptional entrepreneur in the industry.  

An Umbraco site built by Scandia’s team was recognized by the Internet Advertising Competition as the winner of the Best Energy Website in 2015.  Southwest Power Pool’s site is noted for its incredible performance with fast page speeds and small file sizes amidst beautiful design.  

Umbraco’s Community Magazine “Skrift” featured an article written by Kendra DeMello and her experience attending uWestFest 2016.  Kendra’s article chronicles what she learned throughout the event and how uWestFest is taking shape as an influential component of Umbraco’s popularity in North America.